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This is the first part of a dictionary of Japanese erotic vocabulary
I have been compiling over the years. The left column has the
term in kanji (pictographs) followed by the phonetic English
spelling in parenthesis, with the English translation in the right

秋の色 (aki no iro) sensuality, lust, sexual passion

遊女 (asobihime) harlot, prostitute

言い寄る (iiyoru) make (sexual) advances to a woman

淫心 (inshin) sexual passion

淫行 (inkō obscenity, harlotry

淫乱 (inran) debauchery, lewdness, lasciviousness

淫売 (inbai) prostitution

淫売婦 (inbaifu) prostitute

淫売宿 (inbaiyado) brothel

淫奔 (inpon) lewdness, lasciviousness

淫事 (inji) lascivious act

淫風 (inpū) lewd manners; immorality

淫書 (insho) pornographic book

淫婦 (inpu) harlot

淫欲 (inyoku) lust

淫猥 (inwai) indecency

淫楽 (inraku) carnal pleasure

淫蕩 (intō) dissipation, lewdness

淫慾 (inyoku) lust

淫靡 (inbi) impurity, lust

淫茎 (inkei) the penis

淫部 (inpu) pubic region, private parts

淫毛 (inmō) pubic hair

淫奔 (inpon) wantonness, lustfulness, lewdness

陰茎 (inkei) the penis

陰核 (inkaku) the clitoris

陰嚢 (innō) scrotum, testicles


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