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Although the Japanese authorities turn a blind eye to most of the sexual establishments that openly flaunt the law—prostitution, for example, is illegal, but brothels operate over the country—the police in Osaka raided a cabaret club last December and arrested six of the employees and one male customer for indecent exposure. What one may ask prompted the police to take action in this case? Well, it would seem that a self-styled “sexual cabaret club” had ignored repeated warnings “for going too far”.

When the police entered the club they found the female employees, totally naked, servicing their male clients, who were in various stages of undress. One of the customers greeted the policemen by flashing his genitals at them, and for this act of defiance he was promptly arrested. The others, who were more discreet with their gentials, were just warned and released.

The club offered an exotic menu of sexual services to its hardcore regulars—and the service started at the door. On entering the club, the customer would be given a hot towel, which the hostess had first of all used to wipe her genitals, to wipe his face. He would then be served a drink of the hostess’s urine on the rocks—the hostess would insert the ice into her most intimate part before putting it into the glass. Next on the menu would be an array of snacks sprinkled with pubic hair.

After the food and drinks the real business would begin. Trousers would be lowered or removed entirely and the customer would choose his preferred sexual act from a list that featured hand and oral stimulation as well as penetration of either of the lower orifices. And this all took place in one room that could cater for up to twenty customers simultaneously.

The closure of one club is not going to make much of an impact on Japan’s most profitable industry—the sex trade—and it is not even going to drive the clubs underground. In fact, nobody would be surprised it the club were to open up again with an even more outrageous range of activities on the menu.

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